Thursday, August 4, 2011

OT Social Justice

The Wayfaring Stranger is writing what looks to be an excellent book entitled Learning To Do Right: Social Justice in the Old Testament and has been posting excerpts from it on his blog. You can click on over and scroll, or follow these links to particular entries:

Christians as salt and light in the world
How the early church related to society
How Christianity became aligned with politics under Constantine
An alternative example: Celtic Christianity
The role of government and its limitations
Advocating a "Christian position" for social good
Christians as prophetic mediators for society
"Standing in the gap" through democratic means
Social justice in the Old Testament rules for tithing
An objective basis for justice
Social justice in instruction for the Sabbath and debt cancellation
Social justice in the Old Testament: God's justice for day laborers
God's justice includes salvation for the weak and oppressed
Child sacrifice as analogous to abortion
Deriving principles from the Old Testament
Social justice in the Old Testament rules for gleaning

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Tyson said...

Thanks for the links, Jim! This is my first attempt at writing a book and it's *hard* work. Whew!

Already, one of your readers has left some very helpful comments on my posts. I appreciate this a lot because I know there will be serious revisions needed once I finish the first draft. Right now, I'm just sort of banging out some ideas based on the blog conversation that we had nearly two years ago on the topic of social justice in the Old Testament.