Friday, February 25, 2022

And yet more Japanese metal

There's a lot of crap happening in the world right now, so here's a little distraction. I found another band called Asterism. They do instrumental songs, so no singing. And they are insanely good. In addition, they are young. The guitarist and bassist are both 19 years old. This song was released when they were 13 or 14, and it's as good as Joe Satriani on his best day.

That's a six-string bass by the way, and I think he has a seven-string one too. And here's another song they just recorded a few months ago. This is absolutely brilliant.

I mean, holy crap. I can't think of anything to compare that to, it's its own genre. I'm just in awe. They're musical geniuses.

And to conclude, here's a glorious Lovebites song from last year's EP.

Update (5 March): When I posted this I had wanted to include another Asterism song that has an official video, but it wasn't embeddable. You can watch it here, and I highly recommend it. The bassist has that 7-string bass, and now I'm thinking the video above might be the same 7-string instead of a 6-string. But I just found a live version of the same song they did when -- get this -- the guitarist was 12, the bassist was 13, and the drummer 15. (The drummer and bassist are brothers).

And because the focus is going to be on the bassist and guitarist, I wanted to show a cover they did of Rush's YYZ to showcase the drummer. If you can do Neil Peart, you're at the top of your game.