Friday, December 31, 2010


I have just spent the last week as sick as I've ever been. I had a high fever, severe dizziness, severe aches all over my body, cough, and was alternating between violent shivering and profuse sweating. Now I'm doing better: my fever's down, the aches are mostly gone, the shivering and sweating is mostly gone. The dizziness is still there, but not nearly as bad.

All this to explain why I haven't posted with my usual frequency of late. I'll try to get going again, but I had planned to use this week (and next) to finish the rough draft of my dissertation, so I'm behind and may not have as much time to post. Also, if you wrote a comment recently and were wondering why I hadn't responded to it, I just went through and answered several of the more recent ones.

Merry (cough) Christmas and Happy (bleaurgh) New Year.


Dunhill Nicholson said...

Was it the beer or the cheese? Either way may I suggest you stay out of Chimay for a while?

Timothy Mills said...

Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Best wishes! Thanks for continuing to moderate comments. Please don't push yourself too hard - I'd rather delay the pleasure of our exchanges than have you endanger your health.

Ignorance said...

A belated Happy Christmas and a good New Year, I hope you won't get any diseases in this one.

Ignorance said...

Also, I thought you might find this interesting: