Sunday, August 8, 2010

My reading

The reason I signed up with GoodReads, and the reason I have a widget in the sidebar advertising what I'm reading, is to guilt-trip me into reading the books I need to in order to write my dissertation. I have reached a slight problem: I have several notebooks of articles -- some of which are chapters or shorter excerpts from books, but most of which are from philosophy journals -- and I need to start immersing myself in them. But these are not listable on GoodReads. I was thinking of having something in the sidebar listing what articles I was reading, but that might get cluttered. The best idea I have right now is that I'll just write a post each week summarizing what I've read. This might smack of bragging, but that was a problem with the GoodReads widget too. It's still just an idea, but if I start listing articles in the near future, you'll know what's happening.

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