Sunday, December 6, 2009

Science Linkfest

-- "Virgin Galactic Poised to Unveil Suborbital Space Liner". So cool.

-- "Amputee able to move robotic hand with his mind". To reitereate: So cool.

-- Here are some interesting photos of new undersea cables connecting Europe and the States, along with how they've developed.

Although there have been undersea cables connecting Britain and the US since the late 19th century, until 1956 these could only handle Morse code.

Data capacity of a single cable has increased 80,000 times in just 20 years.

-- Please, no jokes. Uranus's almost 90 degree tilt may be the result of a large moon that is no longer there. It's just a theory; there's no evidence for the moon other than its explanatory power in accounting for the tilt (which is not insignificant). And if I may propose the absurd connection of the day, remember that Earth once had a much thicker atmosphere until it was struck by a large Mars-sized object which blew most of the atmosphere away and gave us our Moon. It's because of this collision that Earth is able to support life. Now we suspect something large used to orbit Uranus but isn't there anymore. Coincidence? Almost certainly.

-- For anyone who's interested, I compiled a linkfest on Climategate, a.k.a. Climaquiddick, here. It's about a week old at this point, so more recent articles aren't included. Also, bear in mind that most of the links are from the political right, so it's basically criticism of the controversy without much in the way of exculpatory arguments.

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