Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Related to evil

The mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the killers at Columbine High School, has written an essay about it that will appear in the next Oprah magazine. Here's an article about the article. I can't imagine going through what she has. When I hear about some atrocity like this, I always pray for the families of the perpetrators as well as the victims. To hear about a shooting taking place where your child is, hoping and praying that he or she is safe, and then being told that your child was the murderer is just ... "unimaginable" is not a strong enough word. The child you bore, nursed, taught how to catch a ball and ride a bicycle -- that child chose to commit one of the most evil acts a human being can commit. That he or she became a monster. To know that if there is a hell, the child you cradled and comforted is near the front of the line.

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