Sunday, September 6, 2009

Prayer Books

I've written about Dallas Willard before. He's a philosopher who has written some absolutely amazing books on spirituality and Christian living. If you're a Christian I can't recommend his writings highly enough.

His website used to have a page describing his current writing projects and encouraging people to pray for them. Unfortunately, they took that page down a few years ago, although I suppose they had their reasons. But I still remember a couple of the philosophy books he was writing, and desperately want to read them, so I'm very anxious that he continue writing them. It's kind of sad that I still remember the titles, but here they are (at least approximately):

The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge from Plato to Rawls.

Rage Against Identity: The Philosophical and Psychological Roots of Deconstructionism.

I'm going to keep praying for these books. They're not merely philosophy, they also address important social issues which Christians should be educated about.

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