Monday, October 13, 2008

Electric Dreams

I'm sorry, I'm still on videos. A movie I saw many times as a teenager (although in retrospect it must have been pretty cheesy) was Electric Dreams. It's about a guy who gets a home computer, spills some champagne on it, and it becomes sentient -- remember, this was the 80s when computers were magic. At any rate, I've just seen a couple of scenes from this movie on YouTube, and it makes me fondly recall my miserable high school days. The first is when the upstairs neighbor starts practicing her cello (Minuet in G from Anna Mag) and the computer downstairs hears, and they play a duet. I really like the arrangement.

The second is when the guy who owns the computer goes out on a date with the upstairs cellist, and has the computer write a song for her in his absence.

The computer ends up jealous, falls in love with the girl himself, and sabotages the guy. Alleged hilarity ensues.

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