Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Modifying My Moniker

I explained a little while ago where I got my pseudonym "Tragic Clown Dog". I chose this intentionally goofy and random name because I wanted to make clear that by calling this blog "Agent Intellect" I wasn't arrogating to myself any claim that my opinions are by default more intellectual than those of others. Agent Intellect is a technical philosophical term from the De Anima tradition, something I tried to show by the Aristotle quote at the top of the sidebar. I'm not calling myself the James Bond of philosophy.

However, since posting the origins of my pseudonym, I've come to think that Tragic Clown Dog is entirely too goofy. I decided that I want to take the name of some relatively obscure philosopher -- someone that other philosophers would know but non-philosophers probably would not. I have preliminarily settled on Xenophanes, the pre-Socratic philosopher who is generally considered to be the first monotheist in the Western philosophical tradition (although this is disputed) and who criticized the popular gods of his day.

Update (12 Sep.): OK, I'm just going to keep it simple and blog as Jim S.

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