Monday, September 29, 2008


-- David Thompson's blog has some very interesting posts of late. Here's one on the attempt of many academics to inculcate their students with their political views, which always turn out to be leftist. It scares me, and I'm not even a conservative. Here's another which deals with the attempt of some feminists to abandon logic and science as "masculine" and erect (get it?) a more feminine mode of thinking in its place. And here's one more on Stanley Fish.

-- The Volokh Conspiracy has an excellent post (and discussion in the comments) on whether "they" and "their" can be used to refer to the third person singular of unknown gender.

-- "The presidential candidate than whom none greater can be conceived". Heh.

-- Finally, Cake Wrecks. Professionally made cakes that are atrocities. Here's my favorite; they only had to spell three very short words on the cake, and the only one they got right is "a".

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jacob longshore said...

Good fun, AI. After the cakes, you'll probably appreciate this too:

OK, back to work.