Thursday, August 28, 2008

Early Modern Philosophy

Here's a collection of early Modern philosophy texts. Actually, it's mostly early Modern (I note that John Stuart Mill is represented) and it's mostly philosophy (Jonathan Edwards is usually classified as a theologian). The website is run by Jonathan Bennett, who I referenced in one of my Masters theses. Via KBJ. I've added it to my Web Resources on the sidebar.

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jacob longshore said...

Thanks for the link, TCD.

Just one suggestion: It might be added that the texts on Prof. Bennett's site are modified versions of the originals - even the stuff by Hume, Edwards, etc. has been tweaked for easier reading.

I guess it seems important to me to point that out because I'm just not sure Bennett's method is entirely the best way to go for teaching philosophical texts. Granted, certain works are quite daunting, but to feel the need to tone down Hume? to mark the sarcastic response in Descartes? Seems a bit much. I think snarky college students will be able to detect sarcasm.

Not that I can reject Dr. Bennett's approach dogmatically. That'd be dumb with a capital M. I just need to mull it over, test it in future (if I ever land a job teaching philosophy).