Thursday, November 7, 2013

A suggestion

I have an idea to make football -- American football -- more, shall we say, interesting, and everyone I've mentioned it to likes it. My idea is that after a touchdown the team has to score the one or two point conversion from their last field position. So if someone runs it in from the 50-yard line, that's where they have to score the extra point(s) from. Since many touchdowns will be scored from a starting position so far down the field, it will not be possible to kick the ball through the uprights, so they will be forced to try for a two-point conversion. The only downside is that you'll have people deliberately running the ball out of bounds at the one-yard line rather than score in order to give them better field position and ensure a more certain extra point once they actually score a touchdown. But still, wouldn't it make the game more interesting?


Anonymous said...

With a slight modification, this would be the rugby way of doing things. Where you touchdown on the width of the pitch is where you have to take the kick. See here

Adam G. said...

Great idea!

Adam G. said...

However, I propose that you only apply your rule to PATs. They're boring, but there's nothing broken or wrong with current two-point conversions.

So, as now, you have a choice of kicking the extra point or of doing the two-point conversion from the regulation distance. The only difference is that if you do kick the extra point, the ball is marked from where it was last down.*

*or where it was caught, in the case of a kickoff or punt return, or where it was caught or picked up in the case of an interception or fumble.