Thursday, November 22, 2012

Martian life

A regular reader wrote to ask me what I think about the upcoming announcement about Mars Curiosity Rover. If it turns out to be the discovery of life or (much more likely) the remains of life, what would that mean for Christianity?

I wrote back and told him that I actually started posting a series on this a while ago, but never made it past the first post for some reason. Here it is: "The alien who lives among you", part 1. Now that I'm thinking about it again, I may finish that series once I finish my PhD. Which is soon, very soon. In the meantime I'll just say the discovery of life of Mars wouldn't have any kind of negative impact on my faith, and it shouldn't have such an impact on any other Christian's, although I'm sure it will have an influence on some. And of course Christianity's opponents will claim it as a knock-down refutation. But I'm afraid I just don't find their reasoning, when I can find it, very persuasive.


Earl Wajenberg said...

In his essay "Religion and Rocketry," C. S. Lewis gave the best rundown I've seen on how safe Christianity is from the "threat" of exo-biology. And in his Space Trilogy, he gave a convincing thought experiment.

natehardee said...

Thanks for your response. Christianity needs men, like yourself, you are critical thinkers.