Thursday, May 17, 2012

Too Wounded

I'm not a huge fan of new age music, but when it's good it's really good. Ray Lynch's second album, Deep Breakfast, is what he's famous for, but on his first album, The Sky of Mind, there's a very simple song that I love because of what I associate it with. The song is called "Too Wounded" and it's just a simple melody with a repeating phrase and a stumbling rhythm -- the rhythm really captures the sense of someone stumbling. It's a very obvious chord progression and, frankly, not very imaginative (that's not a criticism -- plenty of great pieces of music are simple). But when I listen to this piece I can't help but think of Christ carrying his cross down the Via Dolorosa to his crucifixion. Here's the song: the first minute and a half or so is tibetan bells and I don't think you can fast-forward through them, but just tough it out.

Too Wounded by Ray Lynch on Grooveshark

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