Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quote of the Day

Pantheism claims there is no existence beyond the universe, that the universe is all there is, and that the universe always has existed. Atheism claims that the universe was not created and no entity exists independent of the matter, energy, and space-time dimensions of the universe. But all the data accumulated in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries tell us that a transcendent Creator must exist. For all the matter, energy, nine space dimensions, and even time, each suddenly and simultaneously came into being from some source beyond itself.

It is valid to refer to such a source, entity, or being as the Creator, for creating is defined as causing something -- in this case everything in the universe -- to come into existence. Matter, energy, space, and time are the effects He caused. Likewise, it is valid to refer to the Creator as transcendent, for the act of causing these effects must take place outside or independent of them.

Not only does science lead us to these conclusions, but so also does the Bible. It is the only holy book to do so.

Hugh Ross
The Creator and the Cosmos, 3rd exp. ed.

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IlĂ­on said...

"It is the only holy book to do so."

As I point out from time to time, most paganism sactually cluster with atheism rather than with "theism". To put it another way, Judeo-Christianity isn't even on the same axis as polytheism, much less is it just one more point on some (imaginary) "x-theism" continuum.