Friday, February 26, 2010


-- The Huffington Post finally has a Religion page. Prior to this religious issues were posted on the Living page, which seemed insufficient to me.

-- A short history of the search for perpetual motion.

-- Here's a collection of all of Calvin's snowmen from Calvin & Hobbes.

-- Keith Burgess-Jackson has been blogging John Stuart Mill's autobiography for a while, one paragraph at a time. Here's his first entry on his old site, and here's his latest. On his old blog he went from paragraph 1 to 52 (in reverse order), and his new blog goes from there to 114 so far.

-- Here is an outstanding and moving post on the accomplishments of the Iraq War. Highly recommended.

-- On the alternative energy front, the possibility of using algae to produce biofuels. I still have a high view of these, despite the incorrect claims that it could only produce fuel at the cost of producing food.

-- Here's an interesting account of a would-be spy and cracking his code. Here's another spy story.

-- Did Gollum have schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder? Via the Volokh Conspiracy.

-- A lot of people have been giving President Obama grief over his handling of the war on terrorism so far, so I think it's only fair to recognize his outstanding recent accomplishments in the Afghanistan theater. A huge military operation is underway to push the Taliban out, and Pakistan has finally been convinced to start turning over Taliban leaders.

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