Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prayer Request

I don't usually blog about personal stuff here, but I would like to make a few prayer requests.

1. First and foremost, my wife is seven months pregnant and for the last couple of months or so she has been experiencing crippling head pain. They did an MRI and didn't find any problems. She experienced headaches when she was pregnant with our first child too, but not this bad. Because she's pregnant she can't take anything but Tylenol (Paracetamol), and it simply doesn't do anything. We might have to take her to the emergency room, but I don't think they'll be able to do anything for her. This is the primary thing, it's what motivated me to write this post in the first place.

2. Finances. My wife and I are both Ph.D. students living abroad and it's enormously difficult to earn enough money to make ends meet. What's most frustrating about this is that my mother passed away in June and left us some money. This came right at a moment when we had no other income, so we've been using the inheritance to pay our rent. I hate doing this. We could see it as God providing us with a windfall of money at just the moment when our usual sources dried up, but it just kills me that this means blowing through the money my mother left me.

3. This is a more general concern, but just pray for my wife and I to be good parents to our son and to our child who's on the way. With the studies and the sporadic employment, it makes it easy to lose track of what's important.

4. Our studies. Right now it's nearly impossible for either of us to get any serious studying done. I should be spending 40-60 hours a week reading and I can't even come close to it. We're both older students, so it's very important that we finish our Ph.D.s as quickly as possible if we still want to be employable.

5. We're also going through some trials that I won't go into because of their personal nature, but which are very distressing. Prayers would be appreciated.


jacob longshore said...

Request granted. You've got my prayers. My hope is that there's a point to all this, because you guys are too good to be getting these difficulties. God bless, mifriends.

fboley said...

Sorry, I have been away, but we will certainly be praying with you. We have been through all those things too, and have felt very discouraged. But it won't last forever!
One thing I have learned (well one lesson I think I am supposed to have learned) with kids is, the goal isn't necessarily what you may think it is. You may think the idea is to get dressed, fed, to the park, back home by 10 for studying; but actually it's to deal graciously for the whole day with a sick kid, or a kid who needs some daddily affection.
You know this anyway, I only seek to remind you. Hang in there.

Jim S. said...

Thanks guys. It helped.