Thursday, September 3, 2009

More links

I've added David Thompson's blog, Culture, Ideas and Comic Books, to my blogroll. I recommend checking out his greatest hits. He has a lot of interesting posts on education, post-modernism, and political correctness.

I've added several links to the Web Resources. Google Scholar is, as you could guess, a google search for books in the public domain or for purchase. I haven't used it much, but it seems pretty good. The Internet Archive has just about everything in the public domain or links to them, and Project Gutenberg is pretty much the same thing. Both are excellent.

Two of the new links aren't resources in the same way as the others, since they aren't simply texts available to read or download. However, I'm including them because they give easy access to such resources. The first is AbeBooks, which is essentially a collection of just about every bookstore in the world. I've used it many, many times. Second is WorldCat, which is the same thing for libraries. Thus, you can find out where the nearest library is that has a book you want and get it via interlibrary loan.

Update (9 Sep 2009): Oops, I forgot to include Just Thomism on my blogroll. Done and done.

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